Factory Shop

In our factory shop, there is much more than just coffee! Our ” Aunt Emma ” store is our pride and joy. As ‘eaten’ coffee roasters, we also designed our own fashion line.

Under the label ” Coffee Roasters Street Wear ” we make t-shirts as strong as Italian espresso! Also, we have immortalized life mottos and wisdom on cups.

Our «motto mugs» make you happy. They remind us every day of how good life can be and how it matters that you tackle it yourself if it’s going to be okay. Yes, that is also available for purchase! There are also regional products. Sometimes we have homemade jam or fresh Guetzli we baked ourselves. Time, time, but always fresh and really good.

We almost forgot – of course we also sell all the wonderful coffee we roast.
All our coffees are roasted or ” green ”, so available as green coffee. And so that you can roast the raw coffee, we also offer small power roasters for your home in our shop! We’ll show you how to do it and you can use the OTTIMO coffee roasters to roast your beans fresh every day and compete with us.

Of course, most of this is also available in our online shop. But in the factory shop, it’s just a lot more exciting and funnier. Come over. Having a cup of coffee makes it much easier to shop.

You will find us in the Seehallen in Horgen. Seestrasse 93, 8810 Horgen.
Just follow the coffee taste.