If you are not fresh enough, you are welcome to do it yourself. We also sell all our coffees as green coffee. We are the only ones in Switzerland to offer OTTIMO home coffee roasters. The small Home Coffee Roasters are fantastic, full-fledged coffee roasters, and produce incredibly high quality.

We believe OTTIMO are the best home roasters out there. Above all, they are affordable and from the square in almost every kitchen a real eye-catcher. Roasting at home is both cool and fun, but it really makes sense. Who knows how coffee tastes, roasting freshly roasted from the roaster into the coffee grinder, will never be happy with coffee from the supermarket. We show you how to make a really good coffee at home. All by yourself and very fresh every day. As fresh as in our roasting house.

You can buy green beans in our online shop or in the roasting shop in bags of 200 g or 1000 g. We also help you to make your own mix so that you can create your own blend after roasting at home.